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Fees and rates

At TLB Bookkeeping Solutions, we charge by the hour or on an agreed estimate basis.
We also offer a range of service packages that have been tailored to the needs of your business. Our service packages allow you to customise our services to suit your specific needs and save on standard hourly rates as well.

Before we start, as part of your initial bookkeeping consultation, you will be given a guideline indication of the likely costs, which will not be exceeded without advising you. All of our work can be done remotely so your bookkeeper doesn’t have to personally visit your home or business to obtain any information - this way we save your time and money.

Service packages
TLB Bookkeeping Solutions has developed a range of bookkeeping service packages customised to suit all your business and personal accounting needs.
Click here to lodge an enquiry about any of the packages listed here.

Available packages:
Hourly rates
Bookkeeping from $50.00* per hour plus GST
Specialised Set-Up from $80.00* per hour plus GST
On-Site Training from $80.00* per hour plus GST
*A minimum charge out time of one (1) hours shall apply on each occasion that a bookkeeper attends your business or other nominated premises.

Fees and charges

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